Wooden Alarm Clock Qi Charger Bamboo Wood White Led


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Wooden Alarm Clock Qi Charger Bamboo Wood White Led

Product Name Alarm Clock Qi Wireless Mobile Phone Charger
Material MDF +ABS With LED Light
Color Multiple Colour
Package With Retail Pacakge                                                                        1*Charger
1*User Manual
1*USB Charging Cable
Specifications Size: 17.3*8.4*7.2cm
Weight: 350g
Display   LED Display Time/Year/Date/Temperature by turn or Lock one mode display only
Power 3*AAA battery (excl)+2A DC adaptor+USB cable(incl)
Alarm 3 Groups of Alarm Clock /Day Setting
Voice Control Voice control function open ,LED display will keep on few seconds then not display . If Close Voice control function ,LED will be on light always
Down Key Press “DOWN” Key Turn On Voice Control Display “Onsd”,Close Display –SD
Brightness Adjustable Brightness adjustable by manual in 3 levels /Automatically half darker from 18:00-7:00
Hour /Temperature mode 12/24 time mode/Celsius / Fahrenheit mode exchange
Wireless Phone Style Support some phones with wireless charger function ,if some phones without this function ,need to connect a QI wireless acceptor


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